TUI Hackathon 3.0

What is it?

The TUI Beds Hackathon is a yearly event, sponsored by the BCS and TUI UK&I, that has been run for the past two academic years in collaboration with the University of Bedfordshire (including the Beds SU Computing Society and the University's BCS Student Chapter).

Following the success of its first two iterations, it's back for a third year!

During the event, students are given 24 hours to build a creative software solution which satisifies the needs of a specific scenario, as provided by TUI.

The hackathon is open to all University of Bedfordshire CST School students, from any year, including post-graduate students.


Work in teams of 2-5 people to develop your solutions

Solve problems

Build solutions for specific scenarios - and win prizes for your work!

24 hours

Push yourself and find out what you can make in just 1 day!

When is it?

The event will start on Friday afternoon on the 9th of November, at 17:00. There will be a brief introduction by TUI, after which students are free to begin their work on the scenarios provided. TUI staff will stay on hand until 20:00 for help and advice.

Working overnight will give you a big edge, so be sure to use the 24/7 library facilities!

The next day, University and TUI helpers will begin arriving from 09:00 to provide help until the judging begins at 16:00, followed by awards, with the day planned to end at 17:00.

There will also be plenty of free food at lunchtime, and snacks available throughout the Saturday session.

What do I need?

  • A computer to work on, with a reliable internet connection.

  • An IDE for writing code, such as IntelliJ IDEA or Visual Studio.
    Alternatively, Cloud9 is a cloud-based IDE from Amazon which will allow you to build, debug, and demonstrate your solution, and is available as part of the AWS "Free Tier" at no cost.

  • A team of at least 2 people, and at most 5

  • Your personal skills, talents, and motivation, ready to show off what you can do!


We have come up with several fun scenarios which challenge you to create a solution for a specific problem or concern.

Click here to go to Graham's GitHub page and see the scenarios for yourself.

Why take part?

Perhaps you want to challenge yourself, or see how you perform under pressure? Perhaps you just want to win the top prize! Or maybe you just want to see what you can make with your friends.

But there's also another great reason to take part: TUI's IT Graduate Scheme!

For the past 2 years running, TUI have used this hackathon to scout talent, and each year, one of the participants has gone on to gain a place on our graduate scheme. See what they have to say about it below, and click here to go to our recruitment page!

Previous participitants - now working at TUI!


"The Hackathon was my first contact with TUI. The culture of working was expressed by the members of staff in how they appeared and when I conversed with them. It was also where I was noticed by the TUI team present. It was a doorway to starting my career at TUI."


"The TUI hackathons at Beds gave me a great insight into TUI's culture and people. And it gave them a great insight into me, so that when I applied to the grad scheme, they already knew I was keen, motivated, and capable."

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