The University of Bedfordshire

A310 Computer Lab

11th November 2017

2 Day Event

TUI Speakers

Industry Experts

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Closing Date 31st October
  1. Arrival, Registration & Setup

    Get into your teams, find a space and get ready to get started.
  2. TUI Introduction

    Get a big TUI welcome from all of our team, introduction to the hackathon.
  3. Ready, Set Hack!

    Time to get started on your chosen scenario!
  4. Opportunities at TUI

    This will be an introduction to the IT Graduate programme and other opportunities available at TUI.
  5. Continue Hacking Over Night!

    For anyone wanting to stay at the university over night to continue working.
  1. TUI Day 2 Catch up

    Let’s catch up with the teams and see how everyone is getting on.
  2. Groups Present Outcomes

    We will ask each team presents there prototype, we do not expect to see a polished result just creativity and team work.
  3. Judging and Prizes

    Prizes for the winners and goodie bags for all participants.
  4. Finish & Feedback

    After the event we will send out a Survey Monkey to get your feedback on the event.

About the Event

Information & Schedule

The TUI Bedfordshire Hackathon 2.0 is an event exclusively for Bedfordshire University students. The event is open for all years belonging to The School of Computer Science and Technology. This is a great opportunity for future graduates to get advice from Industry experts, meet our current IT Graduates, and develop your skills. This is also a chance to show TUI UK & I what you can do while having fun in the process.

The Rules

  • Teams between 2 of 5 and ideally mixed year groups.
  • Teams are free to use any technology on the market.
  • Planning can be done before the Event however Do Not attend event with a fully functional prototype.

About TUI UK & I

We are the Worlds Largest Integrated Travel Business

Who are TUI?

Unforgettable holiday experiences are at the heart of the World of TUI. As the world’s number one tourism company, with a connected global TUI family, we’re able to tap into 90 collective years of perfecting the art of holiday design.

And because these experiences are owned by TUI, we put our heart into every aspect of them – from the staff, to the food, to the position of the sunbeds around the pool – and provide our customers with a seamless, end-to-end holiday journey.

Hackathon Scenarios

Customer Journey Focus

Introduction to Scenarios

What is a Cruise?

Cruise - like many areas of business - has a large collection of terms & phrases. A language all its own in fact! Throughout the scenarios that follow & during the day - you will be exposed to a lot of this language. To help you get fully up to speed - TUI will run a cruise familiarisation event prior to the hackathon. Please don't miss it!


You'll notice that throughout there are 3 levels per scenario. This isn't necessarily an indication of difficulty - more a means of giving you a "next logical step" from the previous level. A way of building an application. In agile development, they might be called sprints.

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Scenarios Options

In your teams please pick one of the scenarios;

  • Scenario 1 - Static website

    TUI is a global holiday brand that offers: beach, city, ski, cruise holidays and much more besides. Recently, several advancements have been made to the content stored about cruises, itineraries & cruise Ships. Your team has been assigned the task of re-designing the current cruise website - from the ground up - to include this enhanced content. Cruise is a premium product primarily aimed at affluent customers, couples, parents of grown up children & those over 50. The display of cruise content is expected to reflect the quality of the product & the target market.

    Click here to find out more.

  • Scenario 3 - What's the weather like?

    On-board ship - keeping up-to-date with changes in the weather is vital. On-board a cruise ship, this is no different - except now there are many more interested parties - our customers! At TUI we always strive to give our customers the best holiday experience we can. Of course, we can't change the weather - but we can give our customers the most accurate & up-to-date information possible to help them make the right choice for them.

    Click here to find out more.

  • Scenario 5 - Battleships!

    Being the captain of a cruise ship can (at times) be very stressful. There is much to do, plan & manage. But, there is also some time for a little rest & relaxation. At these times all our captains choose a nice game of... what else - Battleships! These games are highly competitive & there is even a captain's table showing games won & lost. The overall winner each year gets to keep the - much sought after - Admirals Cup in their cabin. However, games are currently played by radio - this is inefficient as it requires both players to be tied to the radio set for the duration of the game. It's also been alluded to that some games have been so long - & so heated - that some essential operational information could not get through due the radio being used for this 'other' purpose!

  • Scenario 7 - The why's and where-fore's

    The new cruise website has attracted a lot of attention recently - it has a lot of new & exciting features and it's generally very well liked - you might almost say its development was plain-sailing! However, there has also been some criticism from some customers. They don't like the drop-downs used for searching. They argue that a Google-like search experience would be much better. Not a company that ignores its customers complaints or requests - TUI have asked a crack team of search specialists (that’s you) to revamp the cruise website search. Your brief is simple - as the cruise director Shipley says “Just make like Google. There it is.”

    Click here to find out more.

  • Scenario 2 - On-board excursion booking system.

    One of the main reasons for customers choosing a cruise is the potential to see many different countries, cities & places of interest in a short period of time. At TUI we are very keen to ensure that our customers have great time, relax & can see as much of the countries & their culture we visit as possible. One of the best ways of doing this is to offer excursions (trips away from the ship at a port). Excursions are tricky to manage as there is a limitation on the number of coaches & seats on them to transport the customers while off-ship.

    Click here to find out more.

  • Scenario 4 - some of our customers are missing...?

    The nature of a cruise is that every so often - daily sometimes - the ship will dock at a port for long periods of time. This affords the opportunity for the customers to disembark & sample some of the local food, drink, entertainment, customs & popular sites in the vicinity. This - of course - is a total nightmare for the cruise team! It has been known, for example that one or more customers have become lost or have strayed too far from the ship to return in time for the ship to sail on to the next port. Ship sailing times need to be carefully managed. Returning lost customers to their ship is both difficult & costly.

    Click here to find out more.

  • Scenario 6 - Whoops! I did it again.

    The cruise team have a new system. Unfortunately, there is a slight flaw in it. Under certain circumstances (Thursday's usually) all the sequencing information for all cruise itineraries is wiped out. Just the sequences - nothing else. Even more unfortunately, every night this itinerary data is sent to all the cruise ships. Some captains have alluded to this loss of 'which port is next' as being responsible for them arriving at the wrong port the following day!

    Click here to find out more.

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TUI Team

Our People Attending the Event

Speaker 1

Dan Garfield

Lead Solution Designer

Speaker 2

Graham Lewis

Content Tech Lead

Speaker 3

Gemma Lunney

IT Graduate - IT Engineering

Speaker 4

Sam Watling

IT Risk Manager & Early Talent Lead

Speaker 5

Kati Gholam

Domain Architect & UoB Industrial Advisor

Speaker 4

Darlington Chikanya

IT Graduate - Service Delivery

Speaker 6

Sam Duxbery

IT Graduate - IT Architecture

Speaker 5

Laurence May

IT Graduate - IT Security

Speaker 6

Tom Broomhead

IT Graduate - IT Engineering


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